‘The Princess Bride’ to ‘Wonder Woman’: Robin Wright

The thought that a Buttercup could morph over time into an Antiope is perhaps the greatest comfort of all, in a world where women’s roles are often limited and limiting. Let us be princesses, but let us be generals too. Let us live in stories made to heal, but also in stories made to marshal bravery, fortitude, and wisdom. — Emily Asher-Perrin, Tor.com.  Read More:


Kathleen Kennedy Hopes Star Wars’ Genuinely Female Heroines Change Film Industry

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy: “I think the character of Rey, the character of Jyn, these are empowered women that are not necessarily just taking on male characteristics. These are genuinely female heroines. I think that’s really important, and I think it will make a difference.” – Lucas Siegel, comicbook.com.   Read more: